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Here are some ideas for lesson activities focusing on organ and tissue donation and transplantation:

The Gift of a Lifetime:

The Gift of a Lifetime is an important educational resource that takes students and teachers on a journey behind the scenes of the organ donor program and a major transplant center to experience the dramatic stories of transplant patients, donors and their families.

For high school teachers:

Recycle Your Life

This education package is designed for teachers to provide their students with basic information on organ, eye and tissue donation and to encourage them to disucss this important topic with their family and friends.  To access the Recycle Your Life Teen Donation Program

Decision Donation curriculum

A school program instructional package for high schools.  It is designed to educate the nation's youth about the importance of organ and tissue donation and the need to make an informed decision about whether to be a donor and share their donation wishes with their families.

This multifaceted set of materials—print, video, CD-ROM, and web-based—can be used by both public and private educators to integrate the topic of organ and tissue donation into existing curriculum and training programs.