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The federal Uniform Anatomical Gift Act established the Uniform Organ Donor Card as a legal document in all 50 states, making it possible for anyone 18 years or older to legally donate his/her organs upon death.


End Stage Renal Disease Act set up Medicare coverage of most kidney transplants.


National Organ Transplant Act established nationwide computer registry operated by the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), authorized federal support for organ procurement organizations and prohibited the buying and selling of organs.


Required Request laws were established in Pennsylvania and followed by nearly every state. This law required hospitals to develop policies and procedures for approaching families about organ donation.


Virginia launched a state-wide on-line donor registration system incorporating DMV donor designations at http://www.save7lives.org/. The new system made it easier for organizations involved in donation to determine donor wishes, as well as encouraged Virginians to designate themselves as donors on-line as well as at the DMV.


District of Columbia passed the Organ and Tissue Donor Registry Establisment Act supporting an on-line and DMV joint registry at http://www.donatelifedc.org/.


Virginia was the 3rd state in the US to pass the revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act which supports first person consent donor registries, addresses modern diverse family situations by expanding and clarifying the list of who should be approached with a donation discussion and updates support for all modern medical donation practices.


Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act introduced and pending approval in the District of Columbia.


Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act to be introduced in Maryland.


Prince George's County Council
presents Donate Life Month
Proclamation to recipient
George Franklin and El'Jay DeShield.

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