Donor Families

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For the donation and transplantation of deceased donor organs, the most crucial part in the process is the donor and his or her family. A donated gift of life can transform one of life's most intimate events--death--into an affirmation of the life of the donor. WRTC's Donor Family Advocacy Program mission is to provide aftercare to all families who wish to participate. Each deceased donor family member or living donor is assigned an advocate for personal contact and support at any time after the donation.

Who are Donor Families?

WRTC considers all families to be those whose loved ones have died and donated their organs, tissues or both for transplantation, research, therapy or education; to be those families that would have liked to donate, but could not due to medical or other reasons; and those families that did not donate, but might have, had they been given the opportunity. WRTC provides support for all of these courageous families.

Fast Facts for Donor Families:


Lung recipient Jeanette Walker meets her donor's wife, Vendya Gardner.

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