Remembrance Quilts

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In 1995 WRTC began the donor family quilt project as a way for families to be involved in a tangible memorial to their loved ones and their gifts of life. All WRTC donor families were invited to create a quilt square to honor their loved ones. The project began in January of that year and by April 1995, three finished quilts were presented at the Donor Family Gathering.

Today, donor families continue to send quilt squares as a way to honor their loved ones.  The quilts hang in WRTC offices for visitors and staff to appreciate. They have traveled throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia, displayed at almost every hospital in WRTC's service area and featured at numerous community meetings, press conferences, health fairs and presentations.

Each family is also invited to provide a narrative of their quilt square that is included here on our web site, as well as in books that accompany each quilt as it travels around the community.

Quilt 1
Quilt 2
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Large Quilt 18

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 Large Quilt 18
Donor Family Remembrance Quilts honor those who have so generously donated the gift of life.  

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