Students of all Ages

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For young children we recommend the following:

  • Read a story about transplantation. For example, "How Will They Get That Heart Down Your Throat?" is a story written by a heart and kidney transplant recipient who is also a kindergarten teacher.

  • Play a game using the "Anatomy Apron."

  • Have children do a coloring or matching activity from the organ and tissue donation activity booklet. Contact WRTC for copies.

For older children, activities can be modified easily according to age and maturity:

  • Write a report on organ donation.

  • Write an essay on what the gift of life means.

  • Research the myths vs. facts of organ donation.

  • Conduct a survey among classmates to find out how many would donate organs and tissues, why or why not?

  • Interview someone who has received a transplant or someone who has been a living donor.

  • Watch "The Nicholas Effect", a video about the true story of Nicholas Green, an eight year old boy who died after a shot was fired into his car during a family vacation to Italy. Nicholas' family tell the story of how they donated his organs and stunned Italian citizens with their generosity. Nicholas's donation resulted in an amazing increase in organ donation throughout the country. Contact WRTC to request to borrow a copy.

  • There are several resources for elementary students listed on The Gift of Life website in Michigan.

  • National Kidney Foundation has a great interactive way to learn about organ functions and students can take The Kidney Quiz.

  • Donate Life Northwest, which covers Oregon and SW Washington state, developed the following online game in their Go Recycle Yourself menu: Scalpel Pal

High School students can take a "virtual donor family journey":

  • Watch a video clip of a laparoscopic kidney donation, sign up as a donor in their state/country,and see photos from the World Transplant Olympic Games at the Transweb site.
  • Form a Students for Organ Donation Club at your school or campus!

College students can take on a "Campus Challenge": 

Here are some ideas to help you get started.


Heart and kidney recipient James Selby talks to students at High Point High School in Maryland.

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