99 Problems but Research Ain’t One

In 2020, Washington Regional Transplant Community (WRTC) continues to prioritize the recovery and allocation of non-transplantable organs and tissues for important medical research initiatives.

In February, Immanuel Rasool, Manager of Research & Living Donation, presented on the topic of research to hundreds of donation and transplantation professionals at the Association of Organ Procurement Organization (AOPO) Compass Meeting in San Diego. The presentation entitled “99 Problems but Research Ain’t One!” explored how research is an ever-growing field in donation and transplantation and how WRTC has seen an increased demand for organs and tissues for research from transplant centers, academic institutions, biotech organizations and more.

Rasool provided a historical perspective on how WRTC’s program has grown in the past decade and discussed the challenges an organ procurement organization (OPO) might face as it builds a research program from the ground up. He offered guidance to OPOs on how to navigate these challenges and empowered them to build a culture of research within their organization. from the top down.

WRTC consistently ranks within the Top 10 in the nation for allocating organs for research per donor among 58 OPOs. Currently, WRTC has 15 direct research partners ranging from NIH to IIAM to Johns Hopkins University.