In Memory of

Adriana Therese Ladino

Thursday, October 31, 2002 – Saturday, March 23, 2019

Fairfax, VA

ÔÇťAdriana loved engaging with others of all ages. We miss her smile, wit and intellect.”

My sweet Adriana Therese was an outgoing, bright and articulate girl who loved meeting new people and felt she was a welcome member of any group through most of elementary school. However, after years of persistent bullying by the same small group of children, her self-confidence and interest in activities she previously enjoyed began to wane. By the time she was in 10th grade, the years of lies she had been told about her self-worth by the bullies accumulated to cause her to feel she had little to no value in this world. Despite years of therapy, medication and numerous varied treatments from 6th grade on, she suffered mostly in silence and shame while depression only deepened since the bullying continued. By 10th grade, she gave up all hope and chose to end her life.

Adriana was a very creative, compassionate and empathetic child. She loved helping others, especially those who were in need of support. She was enthusiastic about school and loved to learn. I was proud to be the mother of a girl who was so engaged in life, had so many varied interests, and was capable of choosing friends who were a good influence on her and had similar values. I carry her memory with me all day, every day. Like the sky above, she is always with me in my thoughts. I am only consoled by the knowledge that she is no longer suffering from the PTSD that resulted from the bullying and that she finally has peace in heaven with our Lord. Her father, sister and I look forward to being reunited in heaven together. #AdriansRoses