Celebrating Donate Life Month

If you haven’t already…it’s time to don your blue and green for National Donate Life Month. WRTC is recognizing our favorite month of the year with media awareness campaigns, virtual and in-person donation education events, hospital flag raisings and fun activities.

WRTC was thrilled that the Council of the District of Columba unanimously passed a ceremonial resolution to make the month of April officially Donate Life Month in DC. The resolution was introduced by Ward 8 Councilmember Trayon White, Sr.

In addition, WRTC has been collaborating with Maryland State Delegate Pam Queen and the Montgomery County African American Health Program on educating high school and college students and the community at large about the critical importance of being an organ donor. WRTC is joining Delegate Queen at Montgomery College and the University of Shady Grove for donation education presentations to students entering the healthcare field.  

This year, WRTC introduced a first-of-its-kind social media campaign for our staff and Donate Life Ambassadors to participate in. We sent special Donate Life kits that included the official Donate Life Month t-shirt, blue and green chalk and seeds to 81 participants. Each participant plans to take photos wearing the shirt in an iconic place or somewhere iconic to them, using the chalk to sketch Donate Life messages on their driveway or sidewalk and planting flowers in memory or of a hero organ donor.  

Thank you to everyone who helped raise awareness about our lifesaving cause this month and fr honor organ, eye and tissue donors in a meaningful way