In Memory of


Woodbridge, VA

January 13, 1949 – May 19, 2019 

“Danny lived life at full throttle 100% of the time.”

Danny lived his life at the fullest. He took all that he could from life, and let problems roll off his back. He was my inspiration, my teacher, my friend, my forever partner, my forever love. Danny taught me how to be a better person, how to take care of myself, to be independent, and to truly love. I’m so proud of him. He overcame dyslexia, and never let it get in his way of being an extremely successful business owner, which he was proud of. I’m proud of his drive, intelligence, confidence, and his will to go after whatever he wanted without fear getting in the way. He bulldozed through sickness to do all the things he wanted to do: ride his motorcycle, spend time traveling to see friends and family, and working hard to acquire all the things he still wanted in life. I miss him every day…I miss having coffee with him in the morning, his random hugs, talking about all the crazy stuff that happened to us while traveling or with friends, his stories that I’ve heard a million times, putting my hand on his back and the warmth of his body next to me at night. I miss the other half of me. Danny will be remembered by everyone who knew him. He was funny, kind, flirtatious, bold, clever, sketchy and loving. I know I’ll see him again, and that soothes my soul a little bit.