In Memory of

Darrel Lawson

Sterling, VA

March 15, 1941 – August 16, 2011

“God’s people should be the happiest people because they have so much to be happy about.”

“You knew Darrel anywhere just by his laugh!”

“Making people laugh brought him joy.”

Darrel Lawson was the kind of man who loved God, his family, life and people. His laugh was infectious and he loved to make others laugh with him. He enjoyed singing Gospel music and enjoyed traveling around to see other singers, who became like his family. He was a Deacon in his church and sat in the same pew each Sunday, positioned in a spot to welcome everyone into the service. In death, Darrel continued to help people by donating his bone and tissue to improve the lives of others. He had a smile for everyone and a concern for the wellbeing of those around him, whether he knew them or not. He was loyal to a fault and loved by so many. People still talk about him often and he is missed by so many. His legacy lives on in memories of him.