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Quilt 3

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Quilt 3

Frank Hair Blakeney

September 12, 1974 - December 17, 1993


Students at Frank’s High School wrote this about him after he was killed in a drive-by shooting.

Frank Blakeney was born September 12, 1974 in Washington, DC. Shortly before his birth, his father died a tragic death. He was reared by his mother, together with his older brother, Sean. Frank attended Montessori School and then came to Chelsea for ninth grade. During his time at Chelsea, Frank was a very fine, hardworking student. He was on the honor roll for two years and received the Andy Beck Award for effort at the end of his junior year.

Frank was an outstanding basketball player. He was captain of the Chelsea basketball team for two years.

In sports as well as in academics, Frank was an active, enthusiastic participant as well as a motivator to the younger students who looked up to him as a leader. His positive attitude, respect and kindness for others was displayed in the relationships he developed with his peers, teachers and the boys’ basketball team members.

Frank loved animals and hoped one day to be a veterinarian or animal scientist. He was a fine artist and was also interested in design. While he was at Chelsea, Frank successfully completed an internship at an architect’s firm in Washington, DC.

Frank was the Chelsea nominee for a Project Excellence scholarship. He was accepted to a number of colleges and chose the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore. He later transferred to Montgomery College.