Memorial Quilts

Quilt 7

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Quilt 7

James Arthur Tyree, III

December 6, 1977 - July 7, 2000



I hurt
Because I’ll never get a hello kiss again
Because I’ll never see his face again
Because I’ll never hear his voice again
Because I’ll never get that phone call saying
“What’s up girl?”

I hurt
Because I miss him
His presence
His sweetness
His lovableness
His stubbornness
His handsome face
His strong tall body.

I hurt
Because I can’t talk about the experiences we had together
The pains we suffered
The days that replaced the pains
The baby things, so fun filled
The growing up thing
The adult things, I’ll never experience.

Thank you God, for giving me 22 years with Jimmy.
I love you Jimmy with all my heart and soul.
I miss you so much, until we see each other again.