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Did you know?

  • That kidneys filter 6 liters of blood per minute?
    How many liters is that in a day?  A week?  A year?
  • That the average heart rate is between 60-80 per minute?
    With a heart rate of 70 beats/minute, how many times will a heart beat in an hour?  How many times will it beat on a Friday?
  • That the average lung respirations is between 12-18 per minute?
    Count how many breaths you take sitting at your desk for one minute.  Are you breathing in that average?What if you're walking around the room?  What if you're running in place?  What if you're standing on your head?

For teachers who need lesson plans and students doing reports on organ and tissue donation:

Teachers ~ WRTC can help by coming to your class, be it an elementary, middle or high school, and conducting the lesson for you!  (Career Day, Health, Drivers Ed, Biology or Applied Physical Science classes, Medical Careers, Death & Dying college course)

Students ~ If you need help with a report or presentation you're doing for school, use our web site or give us a call for an interview! (Speech, Community Service Projects, Nursing).  And have fun–don't forget to take the kidney quiz!


Falls Church High School Health Occupation students organized a donor registration drive.



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