In Memory of

Ida Hatke

Strasburg, VA

March 12, 2015-September 18, 2019

Ida, our little fifth born, child of light, you are beloved and missed by all who knew your smile.”

Ida, our beloved daughter, was always singing and dancing and hardly ever seemed to let her feet touch the ground.  She was loved by her four older sisters and was always being held, rocked, kissed, and cuddled from the moment of her birth. Ida was full of the confidence that she was beloved and always ready for an adventure with one of her sisters or her mom or dad. Her favorite pastime was to play pretend games and dress up with her sister Ronia, dance and sing, and join in wherever the life of the party was. Ida taught me to stop and enjoy little moments with her constantly and that a fifth child was such a wonderful addition to our crew. We miss the patter of her dancing feet, her bubbly sparkly personality, and the quintessence she added to every moment of our lives.