In Memory of

Jack Price

Leesburg, VA

February 20, 1999 – April 3, 2021 

“Only after his death did we learn how many lives Jack had touched. He left a void that can never be filled.”

John Davie “Jack” Price was our only child. He loved to sing, act, cook and travel. Jack was on the autism spectrum and was diagnosed with ADHD and OCD, but with hard work and perseverance, he earned the rank of Eagle Scout. He was active in A Place To Be Music Therapy in Middleburg, VA. As part of APTB’s Same Sky project, he performed for thousands of elementary and middle school students throughout Northern Virginia, spreading a message of empathy and understanding for people with disabilities. Jack loved puns and had a wonderful sense of humor. We donated his eyes and tissues to help patients in need, and his brain to the NIH for important medical research.