In Memory of

Julia Segura-Berrios

College Park, Maryland

March 3, 2001 – November 24, 2019


“Julia was a grace beauty that loved unconditionally.”

Julia was a tall, slender, graceful bohemian beauty. She was tenderhearted and loved completely, especially animals. She was a gifted artist and creative, she could clearly convey her feelings through her drawings, paintings and writings.

In the end, she taught me that patience is golden, letting go is not a bad thing, to stop being angry and to love and appreciate unconditionally every chance I get.

I’m proud that she loved so deeply, that she had insight, and that she was a natural artist that surpassed any skills I ever learned.

I hold onto her art pieces to remind me of her good days and bad, and maybe one day I’ll be able to display them in an art gallery.

I will miss her scrunched nose and smile when she laughed, the way she randomly came up and bumped me, her occasional goofy walk or dab moves. There are many things I miss about my beautiful daughter, but what I miss most is just talking to her. When I hear the song “She Talks to Angels” by the Black Crows, I can see her in my mind just as the song describes.