In Memory of

Meagan Radcliffe

Montclair, VA

January 14, 1985—September 23, 2020

Meagan was one amazing mother and wife. She took on all the challenges of motherhood: the good days; the bad days; the stressed-out days; the ups, the downs, and everything in-between. She handled everything thrown at her with such grace, patience (although often pushed to the limits), and unconditional love for our girls. She was one awesome mother.

She was truly my best friend and I was so proud to be able to call her my wife. Besides from being a great wife and mother, she also dedicated her life to helping others. Even though her career provided a crucial service to the community, she volunteered her time to many charities and programs. Over the past six years, she put forth an effort to raise $30k for more than 500 families and helped facilitate a 33-week mentoring program, which assists more than 60 kids in the Woodbridge, VA, location. She also worked with others to coordinate countless donations to the Be A Blessing Foundation and collected donations for gift cards which she personally distributed to local families.