In Memory of

Nina Carbone

Frederick, MD

“Nina lit up every room she walked into with her beautiful glow.”

My beautiful sister Nina was 23 years old. She was the oldest of five children, and loved her sibling and parents very much. When she would visit us, we knew it was her running up the stairs very loudly. We were so happy when she came over, and screamed of joy when she arrived. Everywhere Nina went she brought happiness with her. She was my best friend and my other half. Nina’s voice and laugh was extremely loud that family gatherings will never be the same because her loudness is no longer there. Nina had a happy dance every time she would eat. She loved any type of food, especially Taco Bell. She cared and loved others. She put others first before herself. It makes me proud knowing that she saved two beautiful lives as a donor. She helped others, that is what she was all about. Nina taught me the strength I have now. She taught me that I need to be a rock for our siblings. I will do anything for them because of her. She taught me to not be afraid of anything in life. Nothing put fear in her heart. I carry my sister’s memory through my lash business dedicated to her. She wanted to be her own boss and sell lashes herself. This reminds me that this is what she was passionate about. My family and I keep her name alive. Her presence is alive. I miss our sleepovers, trips to the mall, and late night food runs. I miss hearing her loud voice and laugh. I miss all our memories but I will never forget how much she cherished every moment she had with us. She made sure to remind us how much she loved us.