Rosemary Phillips


Quilt 1

Rosemary Phillips


For more than 20 years, we were known as "the Ucci girls," Peggy, Jeannie and Rose. One title for three distinct personalities. As kids, Peggy was athletic, competitive and hard-headed. Jeannie was creative, with a tendency to be theatrical. And Rose, the baby, was quiet, easy-going and amenable to everyone else's ideas.

172adEventually, we became Peggy Roberts, Jeannie Lohmeyer and Rose Phillips. We each had a set of children — Jennifer and Lisa; Marcie and Brandon; Jason and Kenny. We moved in our own separate directions, but still stayed close as sisters.

 On October 19, 1993, God chose to bring Rose back to His world. As was her life, Rose's death was quiet and peaceful.

The quilt patch was made with loving hands and heavy hearts by Peggy, Jeannie, and Rose's youngest son, Kenny. We all miss her terribly and feel her presence with us often. She is no longer physically with us, but we are still "the Ucci girls."

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