In Memory of

Robin Andres Buritica Carvajal

Woodbridge, VA

July 6, 1999 – October 29, 2017

Junior was an unique and polite young man. He was intelligent, athletic, funny and outgoing. He always enjoyed meeting new people and making friends and family laugh. His big smile and charisma always brought light into this world.
For those who didnʼt know Junior, I would like to share that just like most of us, he did not have a perfect life. Junior suffered from bullies all throughout middle school and part of his High School career. Various of his classmates did not accept him for who he was, and they discriminated him for thinking differently. He had a few good friends, but the majority saw him differently, even kids at his bible study group. During those years, Junior experienced depression and anxiety. All his negative thoughts brought him to God and here is where Junior had the choice to turn his burden in his life into

something positive. He always had the strong- headed mindset to help others. He was constantly making sure his friends and family were okay before himself.
Junior taught me that love is immortal and that it has no limits, that it is okay to even love people that you donʼt know. That love is not just a feeling, it is an action. I was and I will always be proud of my son. Everything that he put his mind to, all his goals and aspirations he completed. He was not shy young man, he knew how to relate to people, and he had the ability to learn rapidly. However, I feel the most proud for his love and respect that he had for toward God.