In Memory of

Sean O'Donnell

New Market, MD

May 17, 1989 – February 18, 2011

‚Äč“I know that if love were enough to keep someone alive, Seany would be here today.”

Seany was known for his laugh; it was loud, it was contagious. He lived to make everyone around him smile. I admired him more than he could ever know; I started playing lacrosse because he played lacrosse, I started drawing and painting because he was an artist. I was very fortunate to have a big brother that was also one of my greatest friends. The last days I spent with him in the hospital taught me a great deal about Seany. Seeing the amount of friends and family that were there for him and stayed by his side until the end was truly a testament to the kind of life Sean led and the positive impact he made on everyone who knew him. I know that if love were enough to keep someone alive, he’d be here today because there was not one moment he was ever alone. I carry on Sean’s memory by continuing to tell his story and by making sure that the people around me know, they matter and they are not alone. I miss the way Seany made me feel like I was never alone, but more than anything, I miss that laugh.