Flip & Darla – Donor & Donor Mother

Flip - Donor

Darla’s son Flip was always the life of the party. His heart was genuine, and he could find good in everyone. Growing up, Flip would often bring home stray animals as well as friends that were having a rough time. He loved to travel the world; and his favorite place was Costa Rica, where he could surf and relax. Having served in the Army and then working for a company that moved him frequently, Flip had a knack for making new friends everywhere he went.

In 1991, a guest speaker was invited to Darla’s Rotary Club to discuss the importance of organ, eye and tissue donation. After sharing the speaker’s story with Flip, they both decided to register as donors.

Flip’s desire to be a donor was realized when he passed away twenty years later. “In our darkest hour, it was hard to make decisions. Our family found great comfort in knowing our son’s decision and that he made a difference in the lives of others,” Darla said.

Flip’s selfless gift of tissue donation benefited at least twenty people, giving them the opportunity to lead more productive lives after transplantation. One female recipient was given the gift of sight. “Knowing that Flip loved to travel and see the world, it brought us a sense of peace that she would experience life through his eyes.”