Minesh – Cornea Recipient

Minesh and Girls

Minesh was a 22-year-old college student when his vision began failing. An eye exam, revealed more than a basic need for glasses — he had keratoconus, a degenerative eye disease in which the cornea thins out and bulges into a cone shape. Contact lenses helped for a while, enabling him to graduate and start practicing as a chiropractor, but Minesh’s condition continued to worsen. At 29, he needed a double corneal transplant to save his eyesight.

A year after his transplant surgeries, Minesh had full vision again, but it was not just his eyesight that had returned. The gifts he received from his two donors inspired Minesh to reclaim his former active lifestyle. Seeing the world in a new way, he was determined to get in shape. He ran in a 10K race and then kept on running — and cycling, scuba diving and playing tennis.

He now has six chiropractic centers, which he operates with his wife and business partner, Nisha. He and Nisha are also the proud parents of two young daughters. Minesh is thankful for the circle of emotional and physical care he received during his recovery. Nisha’s unwavering support at home and at work, the kindness of patients, and his neighbor’s willingness to assist with yard work and transportation needs made all the difference in his transplantation journey. As a registered organ, eye and tissue donor himself, Minesh is also extremely grateful to the two donors who gave him back his quality of life and a newfound desire to live his life to the fullest