They all have a gift – NaTasha

NaTasha – Pancreas and kidney recipient from Clinton, MD


NaTasha – Clinton, Maryland

NaTasha is a working mom.  In 1998, she was placed on the transplant waiting list for a kidney and a pancreas.  The day she received the call that organs had been found for her was the day her life started anew.

Her donor was a young girl who died from a brain aneurysm.  NaTasha has been lucky enough to have not only communicated with them, but she has been able to meet and become friends with the generous individuals who donated their loved one’s organs during a time of tragedy.  Thanks to them, NaTasha has been able to see her children graduate high school and has sent them off to college.  She’s been back to work for years, and now volunteers her time promoting awareness of organ, eye and tissue donation and its life-saving benefits.

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