Workplace Partners For Life

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services invites corporations, businesses and organizations of all sizes to create a nationwide network of employers that offer information, support and the opportunity to employees to donate life. The Workplace Partnership for Life is dedicated to assisting individuals who need organs, tissue, marrow/stem cells, or blood donations by making all Americans aware that transplantation works and how anyone can help. Recognizing the diversity among employers and worksites, the Workplace Partnership for Life encourages partners to identify for themselves the specific activities and strategies to implement in their Donation Program.  One such activity is the 12 Weeks of Giving.

How can Employers help spread the message to donate life?

  • Have the the CEO, owner or chairperson send a paper, electronic, or voice message promoting donation
  • Implement a leave policy for employees who donate bone marrow or an organ
  • Make donation stickers for ID badges available to all who intend to be donors
  • Write a newsletter article giving facts on organ and tissue donation and if possible include a personal interest story written by an an employye who is an organ recipient, a living donor, a member of a deceased donor's family or a patient waiting for a transplant
  • Distribute donor cards and educational materials about donation through e-mail, inner office memos, printed pay stubs or pay envelopes
  • Insert donation information in pay envelopes
  • Hold a special donor sign up during April, Donate Life Month.  Sign up competitions can be held between departments or field offices
  • Have an information booth on organ and tissue donation at your company health fairs/game/meeting
  • Place posters and flyers on bulletin boards/billboards/screens/elevators
  • Run a public service announcement or include an electronic banner on your in-house e-mail system/field board

To join the many hundreds of businesses participating in the
Workplace Partnership for Life, go to the HHS website
or call WRTC at 1-866-Be-A-Donor for more information.


Friends for Life volunteer at Verizon,
a Workplace Partner for Life in the Washington area!

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