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WRTC Board Focuses on Research

Board Square

WRTC is a leader among its fellow OPOs when it comes to allocating organs and tissues for important medical research taking place all over the country. When organs and tissues are deemed unsuitable for lifesaving transplants, WRTC works closely with its many research partners to ensure these precious gifts go on to make valuable contributions to society as a whole – in the form of scientific and medical research. Last year, local heroes donated more than 200 organs and tissues to research, ranking WRTC 5th in the country among 58 other OPOs.

During April’s Board of Directors Retreat in Arlie, VA, board members and the executive staff team renewed their commitment to research, and are currently engaging additional partners and developing new strategies to ensure WRTC remains a leader in this area. But most importantly, that we continue to be good stewards of the gifts given by our selfless donors. April’s Retreat also included a special evening for a very special woman. Marci Corbett retired from WRTC’s Board of Directors after 30 remarkable years of leadership and service to this very special cause.

Congrats, Marci – you will be missed!



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