WRTC Collaborates with Ossium Health to Recover Bone Marrow for Clinical Use

For decades, bone marrow transplantation has been used to cure blood cancers (such as leukemia), heal tissue damage and treat radiation poisoning. According to Ossium Health, an estimated 20,000 people need a bone marrow transplant each year, however, only 30% have a relative who can be a living donor.

Only 5,000 people a year will be lucky enough to find a matching donor via the living bone marrow donor registry. This means 9,000 patients are unable to receive the bone marrow transplant they so desperately need.

Ossium Health has new technology making it possible to efficiently recover and cryopreserve bone marrow from deceased organ donors to make this bone marrow available worldwide. WRTC will soon join several other organ procurement organizations (OPOs) who are recovering bone marrow from donors in hopes of using it for lifesaving transplants.

In August 2018, WRTC began recovering bone marrow for research purposes for Ossium Health. Since then, we have recovered 35 vertebral bodies for this important medical study.

Earlier this year, Life Gift of Texas was the first OPO to recover bone marrow for clinical use.