WRTC Joins Forces with Miromatrix for Cutting Edge Research Initiative

Miromatrix, a medical organization headquartered in Eden Prairie, MN, has a vision of living in a world without a national transplant waiting list. Currently, an average of 20 people die each day because the organ they need isn’t donated in time. To solve this dire situation, Miromatrix has created exclusive technologies to develop bioengineered whole livers and kidneys.

Beginning in February 2021, WRTC started to recover liver and kidneys for Miromatrix that are not able to be placed for transplant. Even though this partnership just began, we have already provided them with two livers and two kidneys for research. Miromatrix will then develop procedures to isolate the liver or kidney cells and use those cells to repopulate a liver-extra or kidney-extra cellular matrix to produce a bioengineered transplantable liver or kidney.